MArco Harenberg.

LEADERSHIP TRAINER. Impact Artist. Coach.

In Short

Marco Harenberg is a top team facilitator and leadership trainer specialised in digital teams and sustainable business model generation.

Building upon 10 years of experience developing organisations, he focuses on the topics of sustainable leadership, team development and value-driven strategic transformation. Marco consults with Fortune 500 companies, the established small firm sector and high-growth start-ups alike. His clients are those who wish to look beyond the limitations of their business focus, towards the possibility of a competitive strategy that builds upon sustainable activities and leadership behaviours as a core differentiator, both economically and culturally.

As a founder and board member of the incorporated cooperative sustainable natives he has created a cooperation platform on which Europe’s senior change agents join forces to support industry leaders in their sustainable transformation journeys.

What characterises Marco’s approach is his commitment to transforming complex challenges in ways that recast the status quo, while maintaining full operational capacities. Marco speaks German, English, Greek and Spanish. He studied psychology and philosophy with a focus on organisational psychology, ethical economy and sociopolitics and worked as an associate lecturer at the Hochschule München.

Beyond the business profile

Hello, I’m Marco.

I’d like to offer you a backstage glance into my life. I believe it’s worth going beyond methodologies and the proven track record to show some soul because ultimately that’s how we decide whether we truly want to work with others. And I only work with people who truly want to work with me.

I’ve always been an adventurous soul and have pursued projects that mattered to me all my life, like leading the 2009 university occupation movement to abolish tuition fees in Germany or creating a 90-minute documentary on the (non)sense of volunteer work in Sierra Leone. I’ll tell you how living on the street in South America or inform my work some other time. While the path was far from what one would consider ‘normal’ the read thread has always been finding solutions that aren’t visible yet. It’s what makes me good at what I do today.

My main motivation for my work is to give people in power positions the support they need in order to make good decisions. I believe in the reconcilability of doing good and leading a great life. I love it when I can help organisations achieve goals beyond their belief, like when Germany’s leading concrete manufacturer Rinn didn’t just adopt sustainable practices, but ended up winning the 2018 National Germany Sustainability Award.

It’s a pleasure to be part of an ecosystem with a growing body of businesses that realise their power in sustainable leadership - not just by going green but by transforming how they work and re-defining what sustainable leadership looks like in a digital age. If you consider your company to be a part of this eco-system, I’d love to be connected.

– Marco

Can I interview you?

Sure, if the schedule allows. Get in touch.

Do you speak/ deliver keynotes?

Yes! In English, German, Spanish and Greek. I most frequently speak about leading happy and effective digital teams or about the meaning of sustainable leadership in today’s world. Reach out and tell me about your event.

“Sustainability” is such a buzzword. What is it to you?

To me, sustainability is the leading paradigm of the 21st century. It’s not just about economic activities and socio-ecological impact, but about working with purpose and awareness, co-creating systems that work for all.

Who’s on your team?

In 2017 I decided to go lean again and rather than hire people on my team, create an incorporated cooperative of Germany’s leading transformation experts to be able to run large-scale projects and have a significant impact in the European market. Proudly introducing sustainable natives.

This allows us to work in very lean ways and pull together international and industry-specific talent depending on the needs of the project.

Where do you work?

I’m based in Berlin and consult in Europe-wide projects, taking the train whenever possible.