Leadership Coaching

Traditionally, leadership meant looking at how one tells others what to do. Today it means improving your inter-personal dynamics, easily assessing business situations and being able to adjust and handle the shifting requirements of a dynamic world of work.

Enabling others requires the willingness to dive into self-leadership first. From a place of integrity is where others can best be supported.

Leadership coaching can be supported and combines with a number of discovery and communication tools: purpose work, the hero’s journey, a personal values assessment and non-violent communication for instance.

Ultimately, it’s important to maintain the awareness that leadership coaching should serve the purpose of producing different results, that in turn can be reached through a shift in behaviour, which requires a certain mindset. Once this line of causality becomes clear, it is easy to address aspects such as motivation, bias, conflict resolution, stakeholder management and the definition of goals that are in alignment both with your personal purpose and the company vision.

What kinds of topics does it make sense to get coaching support for?

While having a regular sparring partner can be invaluable, when entering into a coaching agreement it’s most useful to have an outcome-related focus in mind in order to be able to assess its usefulness.

My clients frequently seek coaching to address:

  • Conflict resolution: support for both a conflict that is brewing beneath the surface or an open conflict requiring mediation and advanced communication skills

  • Team alignment: figuring out how to get things done together in a new constellation or following an organisational change

  • People management and appraisals: enabling others and proactively fostering a culture of trust and mutual enhancement

  • New leadership role: getting help for the first 3 months on the job in a new role to find your footing and establish yourself

  • Stakeholder management: dealing with different personality types and creating win-win-win situations for all parties involved

You like the idea of getting leadership support?

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Marco Harenberg Leadership Coach