Business Models 

The economy is the world’s motor. And, not to be overly dramatic, but this motor needs to be remodeled on the ride within the next 10 years in order to ensure humanity’s prolonged successful stay on this planet.

The way we do this is by supporting organizations in ensuring that their business models are future-proof. A few guiding questions include:

  • Is this product or service needed in the future?

  • Which socio-ecological implications does our business model have?

  • How can we do more than just less harm; how can I have a positive impact on naturand humankind alike?

  • What are our stakeholders’ expectations towards us regarding sustainability?

Sustainability is the new Standard

Sustainability is the new standard. The markets demand it, new regulations enforce it and employees place an increasing importance on their work purpose in the larger context of their organization’s impact.

Our services include the analysis of existing business models and their strategic adjustment, the facilitation of sustainable business model generation workshops and strategic partnerships accompanying the implementation of said business models over time, including an adequate communication that balances integrity and inspiration.

Leading Transformation

With more than 10 years of experience in strategy development and sustainable business model innovation, Marco Harenberg accompanies pioneering organizations in these deep transformation processes that affect how they affect the world around us.

Marco is a sustainable native, versed in classical management consultancy tools. He is also the founder and CEO of sustainable natives, Germany’s pioneering sustainable consultancy coop and as such, draws on a large network of international experts with profound knowledge of a range of industries.